Love You Mr Arrogant Episode 18

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Sherry who came to the house of Tan Sri Zahir was surprised to see the appearance of Zaara's back home and be with deliberate Irham.Sherry bermanja with Irham to make jealous Zaara, Zaara not feel very jealous but he was more disgusted look that terhegeh-hegeh Sherry. Sheery invite Irham out lunch with him, in his heart Irham not agree but expect Zaara Zaara pouring consent. Irham whispered resentment towards Zaara about his actions give consent. Irham who can not stand looking at Sherry continues to attract Zaara hand out of there, the more heat Sherry careful look. Irham was disappointed with the attitude of the non-Zaara show jealousy. Irham expect Zaara jealous jealous because his love token. Irham expressed his feelings that he is married to Zaara because I avoid marrying Sheery but if Zaara allow Sherry continues mengodanya no need for her to get married.


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