Love You Mr Arrogant Episode 16

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Hadry come to the office to call Irham Irham eat with him, Irham remaining calm jealousy pretend to deal with the alleged cousin loves Zaara.Irham forced out with Hadry from him out with Sherry. Sherry behavior that stifle Irham be usikkan Hadry. Irham also began to re-open the issue Zaara fall caused by Faisal, Irham test Zaara Hadry to keep in office. Enquiries for questions about Zaara and Hadry asked for "double meaning" but Hadry already can guess that Irham jealous, it simply Hadry admitted that he knew Zaara is one and he just assumed Zaraa nothing more than just a friend even though he admitted that indeed he love Zaara. This is to some extent relieve the Irham but he still did not believe her cousin 100%.

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